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 YagiStress (YS) is a full featured, graphical, user friendly program that  performs structural analysis on horizontally polarized yagi antennas constructed from round tubing. YS can work in Imperial or Metric Units, and is likely to tell you more about a yagi antenna than you ever thought you needed to know. YS has been used by commercial manufacturers and premier station builders for over a decade.
Whether you build or buy your antennas, it's important to know what they are going to do. YS makes that available to everyone!
This is the tool you need to complete your antenna designs, or upgrade your commercial antennas to handle those special conditions that many encounter. No more guess work or trial and error methods!

The YS Details Link provides an overview of the program and its capabilities.

The current YagiStress Version 2.15 can be obtained by following the link below. A free demo version of the program is also available for downloading. The YS Demo & YS program  were not written for the Windows environment, but may be run as a Windows DOS application. They will not mess up your Windows system and are easily erased.

Here are some things that make yagi design challenging.

                                                                                                      ICE                                                                                WIND

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Other than that, it's a pretty easy thing to do with good electrical design software.

Antennas aren't always as strong as we think they look!        Why not find out before these things happen?

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To download the free YS Demo or obtain ordering information visit:

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