The K7NV Notebook is a collection of web pages with some information about a few topics that may be of general interest to some Amateurs. The information is not remotely close to everything there is to know about the topics, simply some thoughts that might be helpful.

Notebook Index

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A study of how changes to a guyed tower configuration affect tower stress and deflections
Brief explanation of Finite Element Analysis used for the tower study
Comparison of different guy cable materials and cable sizes
Explanation and comparison of different methods for calculating wind pressure
Analysis of Rohn EF2545 Gin Pole with a block & tackle mechanical advantage
Explanation of how these devices achieve work
Explanation of how to use 3M Scotchkote to achieve a reliable and serviceable joint
Mechanical design process for the K7NV 40 meter 4 Square elements
General information about Prop Pitch units                          New Pages!
Discussion of different approaches to pinning masts to rotators.
N1LO's collection of information from the Tower Talk reflector, format by K7KR

As, is customary with everything on this website, I only offer comments to stimulate thought, and hopefully help fellow Amateurs. None of the information provided is authoritative in any manner or guaranteed to be correct. The reader is encouraged to research these subjects and make his own determinations about these things, before trying to apply them in the real world.