Welcome to K7NV, located in Minden, Nevada
View looking South West

The Ski Runs at North Heavenly Valley, (between the tall antannas),  above South Lake Tahoe, in the Sierra Nevada Mountains are the background.

This is not a Big Gun station, nor is it even a Little Gun station, It's more like Field Day, that happens all year round, and has provided me with an abundant opportunity to enjoy Amateur Radio. "A little station that is a lot of fun, is way better than a little station that is no fun!"

Learning about station building and contest operating has been fun for me. There are so many challenges to be addressed in building a station that will provide the capabilities you desire for maximizing your enjoyment, and so many different ways to deal with them. The things here are just what one guy did with what was available, and is subject to continuous change.

Maybe some of the stuff on these pages will give someone else, with little station constraints, an idea or two that will make their radio time more fun.  If you have an idea on how to make what you see here more fun, send it along.

 Enjoy the stuff you find here, it's just stuff!
 73, Kurt