The Standard AB577-GRC Tower is 8 Ea - 5'4" long tube sections plus the cage that stores the them. This tower only has 7 tube sections, the extra section was used to make tower #2 taller. I built new segmented guys for it, and use the stock guys just for the lower end connections to the anchors. I made an angle iron  bracket, that clamps to the top stub that holds the pipe that the rotator connects to, to hang the wire antennas off of. The halyard to hoist it is 1/4" dacron/polyester. Originally installed in '98, the whole thing got moved to its present location in the summer 2000 rebuild.

 TOWER #1 Base

This shows the AB577 "launcher". The base sits on a 1/4" thick steel plate that has been sprayed with cold galvanize, and is pinned to the ground with 4 large stakes. There is a set of guys connected to its top. They were insulated at the tower end, for shunt feeding the tower.  The gray box contains the matching network for the 80m vert shunt feed (not currently in use).